type: Key
name: seal of the wizard Bomanz
attributes: key to the room with codex (crumbling)
look: The seal of his excellence wizard Bomanz gleams on the ground.
desc: A personal seal of the wizard Bomanz, it can be used to gain access to one
of his private, secret chambers. The gnomes know - or suspect, anyway - that
one of such chambers, containing the fabulous codex of demonic destruction,
lies beneath his laboratory. The latest researches have proven that no
brutal strength is capable of breaking into that chamber, as warding the
codex are powerful spells woven by Bomanz himself. To trigger one of the
spells is to attract the wizard's closest and unwanted "special" attention.
identify: Object 'seal bomanz symbol key codex demonic', Item type: TRASH
Item is: MAGIC
Weight: 5, Value: 5000
mobiles: FORGE
lucky rabbits foot charm
velvety slippers


added: by Falca , 06.02.2003 23:47 MSK