type: Worn about Body
name: bright surface
AC: -0.0
attributes: +1DEX +3MVREGEN container cp for shifting shield
restrictions: ApM ApC ApT ApW ApN ApB ApM (OR)
look: The floor has a strange multicolored sheen.
desc: Lights shimmer and glow on nothing at all, creating rainbows in
the middle of the air. The not-really-visible surface is cold
and slippery, as if someone had skinned a pool of ice.

When you look more closely, you see:
surface (carried):
identify: Object 'surface bright sheen cp', Item type: CONTAINER
Item is: NOBITS
Weight: 1, Value: 21000
Can affect you as :
Affects : DEX By 1
Affects : REGEN_MOVE By 3
Only those who are at least apprentice magic users, clerics, thieves,
warriors, necromancers, bards, or monks may use this item.
mobiles: wall shimmering screen ( AH, Zwolfs )

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added: by Ferrum , 26.05.2003 01:34 MSK