type: Worn as Shield
name: shifting shield
AC: -0.8
attributes: +1DEX +10MV
restrictions: ET EW ED EM (OR)
look: A part of the floor seems to shift in and out of reality...It emits a faint humming sound!
desc: The strange magic of the shield makes it seem to shift in and out of
reality. Every time it shifts out, there is a popping noise. Every
time it pops in, a low hum...It emits a faint humming sound!
identify: Object 'shield shifting', Item type: ARMOR
Item is: HUM MAGIC
Weight: 5, Value: 145000
AC-apply is -0.8
Can affect you as :
Affects : DEX By 1
Affects : MOVE By 10
Only those who are at least experienced thieves, warriors, druids, or monks may use this item.
mobiles: FORGE
some pearl dust
bright surface
some obsidian dust
some ruby dust
some sapphire dust
some topaz dust
tattered note (shifting shield)
some emerald dust


added: by Ferrum , 26.05.2003 02:14 MSK