type: Other
name: piece of inscribed dwarf skin
attributes: dwhelm forge cp
look: A piece of rough, scarred skin lies on the ground.
desc: This is a piece of skin of Gloin, King of the dwarves who attempted to resist
the power of Cicero. To teach the dwarves a lesson, we copied their best
armor and recorded the components on his forehead, removing it shortly
afterwards. The helm requires a huge hammer to forge it, a helm of ancient
creatures, the scale of a snakelike creature and a helm made of marble.
Needless to say all the blacksmiths who knew this secret have now died of
unnatural causes and this note is essential if you attempt to create this helm.
identify: Object 'skin dwarf inscribed note cp', Item type: NOTE
Item is: NOBITS
Weight: 0, Value: 1500
mobiles: tortured elf archer ( TH, Cicero's Prison )

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added: by Falca , 17.08.2003 04:02 MSK