by players 44 items

  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
braided band of tiger fur -0.4 +15MANA temp 3x40 Falsra
old iron band -0.4 +1MAREGEN +2HPREGEN temp 3x40 Falsra
ring of ancient evil -0.4 +1HPREGEN AdM AdC ExpT HW (AND) Vrta
ring of blue ice -0.4 + resist cold HT HW (OR) (34W can use) Mind
ring of white fire -0.4 + resist fire HT HW (OR) (34W can use) Mind
woven band of thistles -0.4 +1MAREGEN HM EC AdW (AND) Falsra
blackened onyx ring -0.3 +5HPS ApW ApmO (AND) Ferrum
elven ring of agility -0.3 +5MV ApT NW (OR) Ferrum
eternal knot ring -0.3 +5MANA AdM AdW (OR) Rainlord
greenish ring -0.3 NT NW NmO (OR) Ferrum
red ring of scales -0.3 +5HPS -1HIT NT NW (AND) Mind
ring of leaves -0.3 +5MV ApT NW (OR) Ferrum
smoldering ring of volcanic ash -0.3 +5HPS AdM AdC (AND) Dezakin
glowing red ring -0.2 +1RESIST FIRE ApM ApC ApT ApW (AND) Ferrum
iron ring -0.2 NW Ferrum
brass ring -0.1 +5MANA +3MVREGEN NM NC NT NW (AND) Ferrum
incandescent ring -0.1 +1WIS ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
marble ring -0.1 +1CON ApW Ferrum
ring with a malachite seal -0.1 +1WIS AdM AdC (AND) Ferrum
rusty iron ring -0.1 Falsra
small turquoise ring -0.1 +4MANA +3HPS NM NC (AND) Falca
spiked, golden ring -0.1 +1STR AdT AdW (OR) Falca
Holy Ring -0.0 +1INT +20MANA holy eq Falca
basalt ring -0.0 +25MANA -1DAM EM EC (OR) Mind
blazing ring -0.0 +6MANA NM NC (OR) Ferrum
carved ivory ring -0.0 +6MANA -1SAVES ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum
cracked ruby ring -0.0 +1MAREGEN -1SAVES vs SPELL ApM ApC (OR) Falca
crescent ring -0.0 +1WIS moonstone forge cp EM AdC AdD (OR) Falca
crystal ring -0.0 +2MAREGEN +2HPREGEN AdM Mind
flaming serpent ring -0.0 +2MAREGEN +13MANA AdAv Mind
flawless ruby ring -0.0 +2HPREGEN -1SAVES vs SPELL ApT Falca
obsidian fingersleeves -0.0 +2MAREGEN +1MVREGEN ApM AdC ApT (OR) Ferrum
polished ebony ring -0.0 +12MANA AdM AdC (OR) Ferrum
ring of souls -0.0 +20MANA +1WIS temp 3x40 Ferrum
ring of the dead -0.0 +2MAREGEN magethree AdM ApC (AND) Falca
ruby ring -0.0 +2MAREGEN +2HPREGEN AdC AdW (OR) Ferrum
sapphire ring -0.0 +1HIT NW Ferrum
silver band of ivy -0.0 +1MAREGEN ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum
silver ring -0.0 +1INT NM Ferrum
silver serpentine ring -0.0 +1INT +5MA NM NC NT NW (OR) Falca
small earthen ring -0.0 +10MANA NM NC (AND) Ferrum
thick golden ring -0.0 +1STR NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
tiger's eye ring -0.0 +7MANA NM NC (AND) Ferrum
tiny jade ring -0.0 +30HPS -1INT ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum