by players 39 items

  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
Adamantine Cuirass of the Ancients -2.7 +30HPS 3x40 Falca
electrum cuirass -2.4 +2HPREGEN +1HIT HW Mikee
gigantic winged bee's shell -2.4 +15MV HT HW (OR) Falca
glowing diamond breast plate -2.4 +10HPS -8MANA HT HW (OR) Mind
midnight black field plate -2.3 +2MVREGEN EM EC ET AdW (OR) Falca
suit of mystic plate mail -2.3 ApM NT ApW (AND) Mind
suit of spectral plate armor -2.2 +1CON HM HW HT (OR) hima
red dragon scale shirt -2.1 +1CON +1RESIST FIRE dragon scale cp ApM ApC ApT EW (AND) Falca
suit of studded kather armor -2.1 +2MVREGEN +1HPREGEN NM NC AdT AdW (AND) Ferrum
set of finely tooled leather armor -2.0 +2HPREGEN ApT ApW ApB ApmO (OR) Ferrum
silversteel plate -2.0 +10MV ApT ApW (AND) Falca
black breast plate -1.8 NW Falsra
beetle's shell -1.7 -10MV NM NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
scaled plate mail -1.7 +3DEX EM EC AdT AdW (AND) Janux
Holy Wings -1.5 +1DAM +25MV holy eq Falca
Scorched Link Mail of the Sun -1.5 +2DEX RESIST COLD EM EC ET EW (OR) Falca
black chainmail shirt -1.5 +1STR +1CON ApW Ferrum
chain mail shirt -1.5 NW Ferrum
cobalt blue jacket -1.5 NT NW (OR) Ferrum
ruby platemail -1.5 +1CON +7MANA AdM AdN or Ferrum
scaly jacket -1.5 NW Ferrum
suit of rusty chainmail -1.5 +1STR ApM ApC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
white scaly jacket -1.5 NW Ferrum
demonic breast plate -1.4 +1DEX ApT Cry
ice behir scale shirt -1.2 +1CON +8MANA EM EC (AND) (30 C) Mind
voluminous gown -1.2 +5MANA AdM AdC NT ApW (AND) Ferrum
lightning vest -1.0 +1DAM +1SHOCK AdM HT (AND) Falca
hide armor -0.9 Ferrum
some heavily corroded green armor -0.9 +10YEARS +1DEX ApT AdW (AND) Ferrum
suit of skeletal armor -0.9 +1DAM +25MV HT HW (OR) Falca
woven hair shirt -0.9 +1DEX +15MV NM NC ApT NW (AND) Ferrum
light weight jacket -0.6 NM NC NT NW (OR) Falsra
woven cloth shirt -0.5 +1INT +3MANA AdM AdC AdD AdN (OR) Ferrum
magician's accoutrements -0.3 +4MANA +3HPS ApM NC NT NW (AND) Ferrum
pair of red butterfly wings -0.3 +1MVREGEN +2MV ApT Ferrum
hammered breastplate -0.2 +1HIT +1 hand damage NmO Ferrum
fairy wings -0.0 + 1DEX + 5MV Ferrum
jacket engraved with the king's symbol -0.0 +1WIS +1HPREGEN ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
shield badge -0.0 +9MV Ferrum