by players 59 items

  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
obsidian great helm -1.4 +1STR temp 3x40 Falca
Helm of the Great Old One -1.3 AdM AdC AdT SW (AND) Falca
helm of the dwarves -1.3 +6MANA +1SHOCK 2x40 SW Falca
rhino horned helmet -1.3 +1CON temp 3x40 Falca
Holy Halo -1.2 +1CON +1STR holy eq Falca
Petasus -1.2 +1DEX +30HPS temp HM HC HT HW (AND) Falca
crown of serpents -1.2 +1STR +10HPS HM HC HT HW (AND) Ferrum
helm of earth power -1.2 +1HIT perm wb E any Falca
helm of fiery radiance -1.2 +30HPS EM ApC ApT HW (AND) Mind
large spangelhelm -1.2 NT NW (OR) Ferrum
open-faced, shiny steel helm -1.2 +3MVREGEN +10MV ET Falca
pith helmet -1.2 +3MANA EC EW (OR) Mind
serpent skin coif -1.2 +1DEX HC EW (AND) Mind
black infantry helm -1.0 +10MV +1MVREGEN AdT EW (OR) Falca
bone helm -1.0 +1CON AdCl AdT AdW AdO AdB AdD Hocopor
crimson visored helm -1.0 +1STR perm infravision NM NC ApT NW (AND) Ferrum
dragon skull helmet -1.0 +10HPS +1RESIST FIRE NM NC ApT AdW (AND) Hocopor
ebony helm of blood -1.0 +1STR +25HPS NM AdC NT NW (AND) Falca
horned helmet -1.0 Ferrum
woven cloth cap -1.0 AdM AdC ApT ApW (OR) Falca
black beret -0.9 +1STR detect invis NM NC NT NW (AND) Falca
bronze helmet -0.9 Ferrum
pair of moose horns -0.9 +20HPS AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Ferrum
white scaly helmet -0.9 NT Ferrum
black turban -0.8 Ferrum
iron pot -0.8 Ferrum
kevlar helmet -0.8 +1STR +5MV AdM AdC ApT ApW (OR) Hocopor
marble helmet -0.8 +1CON NT NW (OR) Ferrum
rubber-covered helmet -0.8 +1STR +5MV AdM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Codesh
helm of shadows -0.6 +15MANA -1STR AdM ApC (OR) Bober
red and yellow headdress -0.6 +2MAREGEN +12MANA temp 3x40 Falca
two dursimite horns -0.6 +1INT AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Falsra
Crown of the Dark Magi..It has a soft glowing aura! -0.4 +1INT +20MANA xev
damaged propeller beanie -0.4 -2WIS forge cp Falca
furry cap -0.4 +1DEX +10MV NT Ferrum
golden circlet -0.4 +1WIS AdM ApC (AND) Ferrum
black tricornered hat -0.3 +5MANA +1DEX AdM AdC (OR) Falca
King's crown -0.2 +1INT +7MANA ApB ApO (AND) Falca
angel's halo -0.2 Ferrum
diamond encrusted crown -0.2 +1INT + 1 cha Zam
fairy crown -0.2 Ferrum
maroon turban -0.2 +5MANA ApM ApC ApD ApN (OR) Ferrum
pointy black hat -0.2 +1STR NM NT ApW (AND) Ferrum
silver circlet -0.2 +1INT +10MANA ApM ApC (AND) Ferrum
black headband -0.0 +1DEX + infravision by 1 Ferrum
copper circlet -0.0 +1MAREGEN ApC Ferrum
crystal helm -0.0 +1MAREGEN +10MANA HM HC (OR) Mind
dunces hat -0.0 +1WIS -1INT ApC ApM ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
dunces pointy hat -0.0 +1WIS -1INT ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Falsra
electrum circlet -0.0 +1MAREGEN +2HPREGEN EM EC HT HW (OR) Falca
forest green wreath -0.0 +1WIS -10YEARS Ferrum
jeweled eye patch -0.0 +2HIT +2MVREGEN ApT Ferrum
pair of spectacles -0.0 +15MANA EM EC (OR) Mind
regal sapphire tiara -0.0 +5MANA -1SAVES vs SPELL ApM ApC ApD ApN (OR) Ferrum
rose colored glasses -0.0 +1INT Ferrum
sahaguin nose ring -0.0 +1WIS +1MAREGEN temp 3x40 Falca
splintered crown of animal bones -0.0 +5MANA +1WIS ApN Ferrum
velvet eyepatch -0.0 blind by 1 Ferrum
wreath of the ordained -0.0 +5MANA + 1 charisma ApB Ferrum