by players 28 items

  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
boots of molten lava -0.5 + resist fire by 1 HM HW (AND) (both 40levels) Mind
diabolan military boots -0.5 resist cold ST SW (AND) Falca
Holy Sandals -0.4 +1STR +3MVREGEN holy eq Falca
pair of spiked boots -0.4 -10MV +1kickdam EW Mind
old leather boots -0.3 +1STR ApT ApW (OR) Falca
pair of deerskin boots -0.3 + resist cold by 1 ApM NC ApT AdW (AND) Ferrum
pair of rock boots -0.3 +1STR +3KICK_DAM AdT AdW (OR) Mind
boots of the beast -0.2 +1STR ApT ApW ApB ApmO (OR) Ferrum
boots of the rapscallion -0.2 +2STR +1SNEAK temp 3x40 Falca
checkered slippers -0.2 Ferrum
elvenkind elven boots -0.2 +1DEX perma Sneak ApM NT (AND) Rainlord
pair of durs-hide boots 2 -0.2 +5MANA -1HPREGEN AdM AdC (OR) Falsra
shimmering boots -0.2 +1STR perma sneak HM HT (AND) Ferrum
some snowshoes -0.2 +20MV Ferrum
pair of durs-hide boots -0.1 +3MANA +5MV AdM AdC ApT (OR) Mind
pair of furry shoes -0.1 +1DEX +15MV ApC ApT (OR) Ferrum
pair of jeweled boots -0.1 +5MANA ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Mind
pair of walking boots -0.1 +40MV ApT Ferrum
rough leather sandals -0.1 +1SNEAK +2MVREGEN ET Ferrum
black silk slippers -0.0 +20MV ApT Ferrum
boots of celtic magic -0.0 +5MANA +7HPS AdM AdC (AND) Mind
boots of radiance -0.0 +10MANA container AdM AdC (AND) Ferrum
pair of emerald slippers -0.0 +10MANA HM HC ApT ApW (AND) Mind
pair of old boots -0.0 +15MV NT Ferrum
pair of ragged leather boots -0.0 +1WIS +1HPREGEN AdM AdC (AND) Falca
sandals of the ordained -0.0 +1CON +1 charisma EBard Ferrum
some fairy slippers -0.0 +20MV +1SAVES vs SPELL NM NT (OR) Ferrum
velvety slippers -0.0 +20MV +2SNEAK cp AdM EC AdT AdW (OR) Falca