by players 25 items

  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
adamantine gloves -0.4 EW or ET Mio
pair of thick iron gauntlets -0.4 AdW Mind
Holy Gauntlets -0.3 +20MV +1DAM holy eq Falca
gloves of the conjurer -0.3 +1DAM +8MANA temp 3x40 Falca
set of spiked gauntlets -0.3 +1DAM +1STR temp 3x40 Ferrum
thick leather gloves -0.3 -2HIT ApW Mind
black leather gloves -0.2 Falsra
claws of a hulking horror -0.2 +1DAM +25MV temp 3x40 Falca
elegant leather gloves -0.2 +3 hand damage ApC AdmO (AND) Ferrum
pair of forest green gloves -0.2 +1DEX Ad ANY Falca
pair of wagoneer's gloves -0.2 +2HIT ApM ApC ApT ApT (OR) Ferrum
set of rusty gauntlets -0.2 +2HIT -2SAVES AdT AdW (OR) Ferrum
shattered bone gauntlets -0.2 +1WIS EM EC AdT AdW ED EN AdB AdO (OR) Falca
silver gauntlets -0.2 +1DAM +1HIT AdC AdW (AND) Ferrum
banded leather gauntlets -0.1 +1STR AdT Ferrum
handwraps of Kun-Tua -0.1 +1DEX + 2 hand damage ApmO Ferrum
mailed gloves -0.1 +5MANA +1SHOCK EM EC HT HW (OR) Bober
pair of cloth gloves -0.1 +8MANA NM NC (OR) Falca
pair of gold-trimmed gloves -0.1 -2SAVES vs SPELL ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
pair of golden gauntlets -0.1 +1STR AdT ApW (AND) Codesh
set of jade gauntlets -0.1 +5MANA ApM AdC ApT ApW (AND) Ferrum
some alchemists gloves -0.1 +RESIST FIRE EM EC ET EW (OR) Ferrum
Pulsar gloves -0.0 +1DAM temp AdM AdT AdC AdW (OR) Codesh
pair of white scaly gloves -0.0 +2MANA +1HPREGEN NM NC NT NW (OR) Falca
set of emerald gauntlets -0.0 +15MANA HM HC (OR) Mind