by players 40 items

  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
Holy Shield -1.1 +1STR holy eq Falca
glinting shield of silver -1.1 AdT AdW (OR) Falca
heavy greatshield -1.1 -10MV AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Falsra
adamantite greatshield shield -1.0 +16MANA NA Falsra
glowing dragon scale -1.0 +1CON EC HT EW (OR) Mind
green crested shield -1.0 AdM AdC AdT AdW [OR] Dagaz
quartz shield -1.0 +8MANA MM AC MD MN (OR) Falsra
steel-plated tower shield -0.9 +10HPS -5MV MT AW MB (OR) Falsra
platinum great shield -0.8 +2DEX temp 3x40 Ferrum
runed shield of the moon -0.8 +10MANA EM EC (OR) Bober
shield of lightning -0.8 +1DEX NM ApT AdW (AND) Falca
shield of pure malachite -0.8 +1DEX -1STR NM NC ApT ApW (AND) Hocopor
shifting shield -0.8 +1DEX +10MV ET EW ED EM (OR) Ferrum
Shield of Time -0.7 -5YEARS AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Falca
hexagram-engraved disc -0.7 +10MANA +1MAREGEN temp 3x40 Falca
shield of the stars -0.7 +10MANA temp AdM AdC ET EW (OR) Codesh
shield of the zodiac order -0.7 +1WIS AdM ApC NT AdW (AND) Ferrum
umbrella shield rain -0.7 +2DEX HT HW HM HC (OR) Rainlord
armadillo shell -0.6 +10YEARS +SNEAK NM NC NT NW (AND) Ferrum
silver falcon crested shield -0.6 +2DEX EM EC ET EW ED EN EB (OR) Lob
small wooden shield -0.6 Ferrum
*large leather shield -0.5 ApB Falca
Wind Shield -0.5 +1WIS AdC Falca
bronze shield with a quickling emblem -0.5 +2DEX AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Falca
intricately decorated shield -0.5 +8MANA -5MV EM EC (OR) Mind
large leather shield -0.5 ApW Ferrum
light canvas shield -0.5 Ferrum
scaly shield -0.5 ApM ApC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
small spiked shield -0.5 +1DEX +15MV ApM ApC AdT ApW (AND) Ferrum
white scaly shield -0.5 NW Ferrum
shield of the dream weaver -0.4 +1INT + 1 cha AdBa Zam
spiked buckler -0.4 +1HIT NT NW (OR) Ferrum
battered metal shield -0.3 +1WIS +5MA EM AdC (AND) Mind
coppery cheetah-skinned shield -0.3 +2DEX ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
crusty turtle shell -0.3 +5MANA ApM ApC (OR) Falca
small buckler -0.3 Ferrum
fairy shield -0.2 +2MANA Ferrum
shield -0.2 Ferrum
aura shield midnight disk darkness -0.1 +1CON +10MANA AdM AdC (OR) Falsra
ornamental shield -0.0 +3MANA NM NC (AND) Falca