by players 33 items

  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
black robe -0.5 499 container ApM ApC ET ApW (AND) Falca
bloodstained cloak -0.5 perma sneak 3x40 Ferrum
crimson robe -0.5 container ApM ApC ET EW (AND) Ferrum
robes of the sorcerer -0.5 +1STR temp Av Ferrum
silvery robe -0.5 499 container EM EC ApT ApW (AND) Mind
white robe -0.5 499 container ApM EC ApT ApW (AND) Mind
black leather riding cloak -0.4 +3MVREGEN 299 container AdT ApW (AND) Ferrum
chameleon poncho -0.3 non container ApM ApT (OR) Tanat
dark green robe -0.3 container ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
robes of the paladin -0.3 +15MANA temp 3x40 Ferrum
saffron robe -0.3 +1SAVES vs SPELL AdT AdW (OR) Ferrum
temple robes -0.3 +8MA container HM HC (OR) Mind
white silk robe -0.3 container ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
Cloak of the Spider -0.2 +1DEX ApM ApT (OR) Ferrum
alchemists lab coat -0.2 +2RESIST FIRE container EM EC ET EW (OR) Next
fairy robe -0.2 -5YEARS container Ferrum
flowing satin robe -0.2 +5MANA 199 container AdM AdC (OR) Mind
legerdemain disguise -0.2 +10YEARS perma sneak NM NC ApT NW (AND) Ferrum
robes of red cotton -0.2 +1RESIST FIRE ApM Ferrum
azure robe -0.1 +5MANA ApM ApC (AND) Ferrum
ash covered tarab -0.0 +5MANA +15HPS container HM HC (OR) Ferrum
backpack -0.0 container Ferrum
blessed vestment -0.0 +10HPS +1WIS container AdM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
blue velvet vest -0.0 +5MANA container ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum
bright surface -0.0 +1DEX +3MVREGEN container cp for shifting shield ApM ApC ApT ApW ApN ApB ApM (OR) Ferrum
brown houserobe -0.0 -1STR Nothing Ferrum
dark blue cloak -0.0 +resist cold +resist fire Ferrum
flowing white robe -0.0 +1WIS +1MAREGEN not a container AdM AdC (OR) Ferrum
multicolored mantle -0.0 +1CON +6MANA cont SM SD SN (OR) Falsra
robes of the Dean -0.0 +6MANA container EM EC ET EW (OR) Ferrum
robes of the Supplicant -0.0 +1MAREGEN +1SHOCK temp 3x40 Ferrum
robes of the archmagi -0.0 +10MANA 499 container HM Mind
multi-colored dream coat +0.1 +1MAREGEN 89 container AdM AdC (AND) Mind