by players 72 items

  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
Rock of the Ages -0.8 -1HIT +5YEARS xev
Holy Sceptre -0.7 holy eq Falca
demon's claw -0.6 HM HW (AND) Mind
jing-jit disk -0.5 +1STR +15HPS AdT AdW AdB AdO (OR) Ferrum
obsidian pearl -0.5 +15HPS AdC EW (AND) Mind
tinder box -0.5 +1DEX +1INT temp 40M 40C 40T 40W (AND) Falsra
ivory scarab -0.4 AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Rainlord
mongoose skin bag -0.4 +1CON 27 container 3x40 Mind
set of wooden pipes -0.4 +1STR HC HT (AND) Mind
bottle of demons -0.3 +1STR container AdM AdC AdT (OR) Falsra
deemofish scale -0.3 +1HPREGEN forge cp AdT Ferrum
magic carpet -0.3 +1INT EM EC EW (OR) Ferrum
royal decree -0.3 +5HPS +1HIT ApM ApC ApT AdW (OR) Ferrum
shining lava stone -0.3 +1DEX temp AdT ApW (AND) Codesh
black ward -0.2 +5HPS NM NC (OR) Ferrum
diamond sceptre -0.2 +1CON AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Ferrum
filthy play doll -0.2 +1CON +35HPS Falsra
fish symbol -0.2 +1STR ApT ApW (OR) Falca
pestle -0.2 +1MANA ApM ApC AdT AdW (OR) Ferrum
small, sharp scale -0.2 dwarven helm cp NT NW NB NO (OR) Falca
tome of wisdom -0.2 +2HPREGEN +2RESIST PETRIFICATION ApM ApC AdT AdW (OR) Falsra
arcane map tube -0.1 +1DEX container NM NC AdT ApW (AND) Falca
Ornate Scroll Bag -0.0 +2MAREGEN EM EC HT HW (OR) Plato
Rune of the Netherworld -0.0 +15MANA +2MAREGEN HM HC (OR) Falsra
alabaster wand -0.0 4 charges of colour spray Ferrum
antique comb -0.0 +1STR +10MANA 3x40 TEMP Ferrum
ball of hardened wax -0.0 +1MAREGEN +10HPS ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum
barbed dart -0.0 has 4 charges level 30 spell of poison Ferrum
bloody lollipop -0.0 AdT Ferrum
blue runestone -0.0 +5MANA ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum
book of enlightenment -0.0 +8MANA +PERMA INFRAVISION ApM AdC (AND) Mind
book of knowledge..It has a soft glowing aura! -0.0 +1WIS +3HIT NC ND ApN ApB ApO Hocopor
brass telescope -0.0 +1INFRAVISION Ferrum
canvas rag doll -0.0 +10HPS +1HIT ApC Ferrum
china doll -0.0 +1MAREGEN +1HPREGEN Ferrum
clove of garlic -0.0 it is not food Ferrum
crystal teardrop -0.0 +8MANA +2MAREGEN HM HC (AND) (40 both) Dot
crystalline scale -0.0 +5MANA moonstone forge cp AdM AdC AdD AdN (OR) Falca
cube of gazing -0.0 +1DEX container Hocopor
decorative silver spoon -0.0 Ferrum
fairy charm -0.0 +2SAVES vs SPELL Ferrum
feather duster -0.0 +10MANA ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Mind
feather quill -0.0 Ferrum
gently-curving wand -0.0 4 charges energy drain not more AdN Ferrum
golden flute -0.0 -6INT staff, 1 charges off charm person Ferrum
head of a dragon -0.0 +RESIST FIRE NM NC NT NW (OR) Hocopor
icy sapphire -0.0 forge cp NM Ferrum
iron crowbar -0.0 +10MV need to pry seals in luna's temple cellar AdT Ferrum
large flask -0.0 55 water container NM NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
looking glass -0.0 10 charges of detect invisibility Ferrum
lucky rabbits foot charm -0.0 +5MANA -1SAVES vs SPELL cp ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Falca
malachite sceptre -0.0 +10MANA -1HIT ApM ApC (AND) Ferrum
obsidian serpent -0.0 +1MAREGEN +2MVREGEN Ap ANY Falca
paint-bucket -0.0 +1SHOCK container Cheb
painter's palette -0.0 5 charges of colour spray Ferrum
red carnation -0.0 +1WIS Ferrum
red rose -0.0 -2YEARS Ferrum
rod of hickory -0.0 level 25 spell of fireball. has 5 charges, with 5 charges left. AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Ferrum
sable blood rune -0.0 +1MAREGEN +15MANA HM HC (AND) Falsra
sahaguin net -0.0 Ferrum
sceptre of authority -0.0 +1WIS -2SAVES AdC Falsra
set of lock picks -0.0 forge cp Ferrum
shimmering wand -0.0 +1DEX +1HIT has 3 charges of restoration ApM ApC ApT (OR) Next
small cross -0.0 +5MANA Ferrum
small figurine -0.0 6 charges of meteor swarm Soi
small pebble -0.0 +2MAREGEN +5MA AdM AdC (OR) Mind
small silver bell -0.0 +1INT ApC Ferrum
snowball -0.0 +1MAREGEN +2MANA Falca
staff engraved with the king's symbol -0.0 level 40 spell of demon touch Ferrum
steel lockpick -0.0 +1DEX +5 pick lock AdT Ferrum
stricht -0.0 +1MAREGEN +2HPREGEN AdM AdC (OR) Ferrum
wand of The Black One -0.0 poison cp (5 charges of lvl 42 firestorm, has 0) Falca