by players 27 items

  Item     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
small book scroll hellfire hellfire, char_height by -5 NM NC (OR) Ferrum
Necronomicon Blindness, curse, energy drain Falca
burnt scroll Fireball Ferrum
charred scroll lvl 14: flamestrike Codesh
chinese fortune cookie Fortune Mind
damp moldy scroll lvl15: web Codesh
dark black scroll water breathing, water breathing of 20 level Ferrum
dwarvish recall scroll Word of recall Falsra
ethereal scroll phase door,phase door,phase door Ferrum
icy scroll Ice ray TEMP Falsra
maroon piece of paper infravision Falca
page from the Rigveda level 30 armor, bless Falca
page from the Samaveda call lightning Ferrum
page from the Yajurveda 3x create food Ferrum
quail scroll Word of recall Ferrum
rope scroll Magic rope TEMP Ferrum
scroll of demonic destruction demon touch lev40 Ferrum
scroll of dragonfire firewind;fireball;fireball Ferrum
scroll of elemental control meteor swarm + chain lightning + ice storm Mislik
scroll of identify Identify Falca
scroll of knowledge Identify Bazilus
scroll of recall Word of recall Mind
scroll of undead knowledge identify Ferrum
small faded scroll Mass invisibility Ferrum
small glowing scroll sanctuary Ferrum
vellum scroll level 12 spells of fly Ferrum
worn toe tag tur undead lvl 40 Falsra