by players 35 items

  Item     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
Invitation to Castle Black key to castle black Falsra
Kuo-toan shrine key a key for part of kou-toan area Falca
black coral key key to saha king (cf) Falsra
black marble key key for luna temple cellar Ferrum
bone key key for nocast room in dark tower Ferrum
bone key (finger) key to annis hag at bh jungle Ferrum
bronze key key for grand master (mtower) Ferrum
ceramic key to foom Ferrum
chain of keys key for yoopers Mind
clay key to haupha Ferrum
glowing white key key for Eden rooms Falca
ivebony rod key to Bomanz's labs in M.A.G.I.C. Level 42 web x3 wand. Falca
jade key key for Chaeston Mind
jailers key chain key for bh jail (cell 1e from sash headquarters) Shidoshi
jeweled skeleton key key for volcano's cells Mind
key made of crystalline glass to twit Ferrum
large brass key key for chest in serpent room in pirate area (BH) Ferrum
librombra key to shadowlands Falsra
metal key to banyan Ferrum
multi-colored clown's head shaped key key for circus master Ferrum
multi-colored crystal rod hellwell cells key Falca
oak and ash key to temple Ferrum
old keychain ? Ferrum
ornate glass bottle key for dessert (open bottle to get there) Ferrum
runed key castle black key, crumbles. Falsra
seal of the wizard Bomanz key to the room with codex (crumbling) Falca
shape-shifting key M.A.G.I.C. general key Falca
shattered key to lout Ferrum
small intricate key key for judge temple rooms Ferrum
small wooden key key for quickling king and queen Ferrum
strange apparatus key to hellwell Falca
sun ray key to castle in Theris (crumbles) Falca
vial of rust key for Tabaxi Mind
vibrant yellow key key for paymaster (wagons) Ferrum
wooden key to meep Ferrum