by players 121 items

  Item     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
A book of demons unholy strength Necromancer 14 Yasik
A storybook of dragons 33 tard Vrta
Book of faith shield of faith Igorvas
ancient digest of defense dodge 15 mO Ferrum
ancient spellbook word of recall 30 Ma 11 Cl Ferrum
apothecary's spellbook remove disease 11 Cl Ferrum
aqua spellbook water breathing 16 Ma 9 Cl Ferrum
black velvet-covered spellbook dark cloak 38 Cl Ferrum
blessed spellbook enchant weapon 12 Ma 31 Cl Ferrum
blood colored spellbook vampiric touch 21 Necro Ferrum
blood red spellbook Fireball 15 Ma Ferrum
blurry spellbook vision 19 Cl Ferrum
book being consumed by flames damnation 7 Av Ferrum
book blazing with the glory of heaven grace 8 Av Ferrum
book of dread fear 23 Necro Ferrum
book of longevity stamina 9 Av Ferrum
book of mystical secrets corona 13 Av Falca
book of proverbs insight 18 Av Falca
braille spellbook cure blind 4 Cl Ferrum
bright white spellbook dispel magic 6 Ma 6 Cl Ferrum
brightly glowing spellbook sanctuary 17 Cl Ferrum
burgundy spellbook Meteor swarm 21 Ma Falsra
chain bound spellbook Demon bind 34 Ma 20 Cl Ferrum
charcoal tome talshans tribute 20 Cl Ferrum
chromatic spellbook Perception 35 Ma Falsra
cobalt blue spellbook Lightning bolt 9 Ma Ferrum
codex of demonic destruction Demon Touch 31 mage Falca
compiled musical flat-notes haunted dirge 27 Bard Ferrum
copper-plated spellbook telepathy 10 mage Falca
copper-plated spellbook telepathy 10 mage Falca
cracked spellbook eatrhquake 7 Cl Ferrum
cranberry red spellbook colour spray 11 Ma Ferrum
crimson spellbook prismatic spray 19 Ma Ferrum
crumbling spellbook Magic rope 13 Ma Janux
diamond encrusted spellbook raise dead 36 Cl Ferrum
emerald encrusted spellbook restoration 35 Cl Ferrum
ethereal spellbook Mindbar 12 Cl Ferrum
familiar looking spellbook familiar 6 Ma Ferrum
fat spellbook Feast 29 Cl Ferrum
flaming red spellbook hellfire 10 Ma Ferrum
floating spellbook fly 9 Ma 17 Cl Ferrum
forest green spellbook Cure critic 20 Cl Ferrum
furtive lessons from the past stalk 17 mO Ferrum
garnet spellbook disintegrate 28 Ma Ferrum
gigantic spellbook vigor 24 Av Falca
glowing green spellbook Spell shield sb 31 Cl Mind
golden spellbook mobility 22 Cl Ferrum
hallowed songbook sacred reprieve 25 Ba Ferrum
hazy spellbook control weather 10 Ma 13 Cl Ferrum
hunter green spellbook Heal 25 Cl Ferrum
informative looking spellbook identify 2 Av Ferrum
ironbound spellbook hermetic ward 33 Ma Ferrum
ivory spellbook protection from evil 6 Cl Ferrum
ivy green spellbook Cure serious 38 Ma 15 Cl Ferrum
jade green spellbook greater heal 30 Cl Ferrum
joyance odes of the manifold dance of the many 20 Bard Ferrum
large transparent spellbook mass invisibility 38 Cl 11 Ma Ferrum
levitating spellbook mass fly 29 Ma 39 Cl Ferrum
lightning covered manual flurry skill 30 Mo Falca
locked spellbook force field 28 Cl Ferrum
lyrics of conclusive dreams hymn of the morning star Bard 23 Ferrum
magenta spellbook flamestrike 14 Ci Ferrum
maggot ridden spellbook animate dead 19 Cl Ferrum
magnetic spellbook Locate object 6 Ma 33 Cl Ferrum
manual with a faint palm print strike 8 mO Ferrum
marbled spellbook Silence 17 Ma Ferrum
massive spellbook Strength 7 Ma Ferrum
midnight black spellbook dispel evil 10 Cl Ferrum
moss green spellbook cure minor 4 Cl Ferrum
musical tones of sacrosanct sanctuary for the soul 13 Bard Ferrum
mysterious looking spellbook. Infravision 9 Ma Falsra
navy blue spellbook ice storm 26 Ma Ferrum
obsidian spellbook energy drain 13 Ma Ferrum
old book of bafflement blindfight 4 mO Ferrum
opaque spellbook Blind 6 Cl 8 Ma Ferrum
orange spellbook stone skin 17 Ma 11 Cl Ferrum
pale red spellbook burning hands 5 Ma Ferrum
partially destroyed spellbook destruction 36 Necro Ferrum
partially dissolved spellbook acid blast 25 Ma Ferrum
passage of scripture passage 32 Bard Ferrum
prussian blue spellbook freeze 8 Ma Ferrum
pulsating spellbook Summon 8 Cl Ferrum
religious spellbook bless 5 Cl Ferrum
rose red spellbook Shocking grasp 7 Ma Ferrum
royal blue spellbook ice ray 20 Ma Ferrum
ruby encrusted spellbook firewind 36 Ma Ferrum
scarlet spellbook spark shower 14 MA Ferrum
scratched red spellbook Remove curse 12 Cl Ferrum
sea green spellbook Cure normal 36 Ma 10 Cl Ferrum
shimmering spellbook Relocation 31 Av Falsra
silver inlaid spellbook greater refresh 11 Av Ferrum
silvery spellbook refresh 16 Cl Ferrum
sky blue spellbook call lightning 12 Cl Ferrum
slightly sticky training manual Squirm skill 15 Th Ferrum
slippery spellbook resist webs 4 Av Falca
spellbook missing some pages fortune 15 Cl Ferrum
spellbook titled, Time chronos incantation 22 Ma 22 Cl Ferrum
spellbook with a red aura curse 17 Cl 12 Ma Ferrum
spinning spellbook gate 18 Ma 21 Cl Ferrum
stack of earthtone notes nature's familiar 10 Dr Ferrum
sticky spellbook Web 4 Ma 18 Cl Ferrum
sun blazoned bound pages sunbeam 25 Druid Ferrum
tan spellbook Remove poison 9 Cl Ferrum
thick spellbook sleep 14 Ma Ferrum
thief's handbook quicken 27 Av Falca
thin manual bound in balsa waterwalk 11 mO Ferrum
thor's spellbook Spiritual hammer 4 Cl Ferrum
thunder scripts stun 12 mO Ferrum
tightly bound spellbook charm person 14 Ma Ferrum
tome of restorative remedies rejuvenation 12 Av Falca
topaz spellbook Chain lightning 17 Ma Ferrum
translucent brown spellbook Detect disease 5 Cl Ferrum
translucent yellow spellbook detect evil 4 Cl 26 Ma Ferrum
transparent spellbook invisibility 4 Ma Ferrum
twirling spellbook Lloyd's beacon 32 Ma 27 Cl Ferrum
ultimate guide to wind control a great white spark emerges from under the cover of the ultimate guide to wind 40 mage Edd
vibrating spellbook Teleport 8 Ma Ferrum
vine covered spellbook Regeneration 17 Cl Falsra
violet spellbook marked with a pentagram hellstrike 27 Cl Ferrum
volume with a splintered cover knock Mage 12 Nec 17 Ferrum
white spellbook sense life 7 Cl 25 Ma Ferrum