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  Item     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
Necronomicon blind;curse;energy drain Mind
a wand of the Ultimate Solution..It has a soft glowing aura! Only those who are at least novice magic users may use this item. Plus
alabaster wand 4 charges of colour spray Kamazoh
ancient keychain of the shuggoth lord container for keys (about 22-25 weight) Mind
ancient parchment Falsra
bag container Ferrum
ball of water cp Ferrum
balsamic essential oil cp for ether band Ferrum
bar of gold cp for valor leg plates Ferrum
bar of lead forge cp Falca
bar of mithril Invoker
bar of silver forge cp Ferrum
battered suitcase container ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
bird-type claw Falsra
bit of ground pepper poison cp Falca
bit of powdered nightshade lyme poison cp Falca
black iron rod -
black staff 2 charges of teleport Ferrum
blue-green lizard scales cp, temp Falca
book stamp Ferrum
branch of ash brew cp Ferrum
branch of birch brew cp Ferrum
branch of hickory brew cp Ferrum
branch of ironwood brew cp Ferrum
branch of maple brew cp Ferrum
branch of oak brew cp Ferrum
branch of pine brew cp Ferrum
branch of redwood brew cp Ferrum
branch of walnut brew cp Ferrum
bright feather brew cp Falsra
burlap sack container Ferrum
cat dancer Ferrum
chunk of chert chert bracelet cp Falca
chunk of granite brew cp Ferrum
chunk of ice brew cp Falsra
cracked beak brew cp Ferrum
cracked shark's tooth poy cp Ferrum
cyclone of sand eoy cp Ferrum
damp pinecone Mind
decomposed brain of a wise man brew cp Ferrum
decomposing brain brew cp Ferrum
deep blue spherical ioun stone for meming mage spells of 1-20 levels Ferrum
deer tail brew cp for +age potion Ferrum
diamond needle file Falca
disembodied eye brew cp Ferrum
dragon's fang Forge cp (for glowing dragon scale) Mind
dripping icicle poy cp Ferrum
dursimite hoof Mind
egg of newt brew cp Ferrum
elegantly decorated brooch Falsra
embers of the inferno Falsra
emerald encrusted dart key object for masked prisoner Ferrum
essence of shadow brew cp Ferrum
essence of the ages brew cp for +age potion Ferrum
few belladonna leaves brew cp Ferrum
few clippings from a hedge brew cp Ferrum
few flecks of dried blood Falsra
few leaves of a hibiscus lyme poison cp Ferrum
fine white powder poison cp Ferrum
first page Zam
flask of kirdir juice liquid container Mind
flicker of flame Falsra
fossilized feather eoy cp Ferrum
frozen wisp of dragon's breath brew cp Ferrum
garnet Ferrum
gills of a water weird brew cp Ferrum
glowing chunk of metal Hocopor
glowing crab shell brew cp for +age potion Ferrum
glowing hoof brew cp for +age potion Ferrum
glowing wolf tooth brew cp for +age potion Ferrum
gold nugget Ferrum
golden bar forge cp Falca
golden rune Falsra
golden sack 248 container Mind
gorynych tail whip cp, temp Falca
goshawk tail feather Mind
handbag container Ferrum
handful of golden powder powder lays in a paint-bucket Cheb
heart of a saint brew cp Ferrum
hexagonal shaped token reroll token for any level chars Mind
hollow human corpse boat, weight 5 Falca
hoof of a centaur brew cp (for eoy) Mind
hoof of a centaur eoy cp Ferrum
iron crowbar forge cp Ferrum
jar of embalming fluid cps of ashen bracelet Mind
jar of molasses cp Ferrum
kender topknot brew cp (for eoy) Mind
large geode cp for valor leg plates Ferrum
lavender ellipsoid ioun stone for meming mage spells of 1-40 levels Mind
lavender rhomboid ioun stone for meming mage spells of 1-10 levels Ferrum
long cylindrical tube 41 container Mind
lump of coal Ferrum
mandrake root brew cp Ferrum
mesh of intertwined threads brew cp (for poison for weapon) Ferrum
multicolored urn Falsra
mummified finger brew cp Ferrum
mummified hand brew cp Ferrum
nitric acid cp for soch forges Ferrum
nose ring Shrike
octagonal shaped token reroll stats, incr. sum Falca
otter pelt Ferrum
painter's palette wand, 5 charges of colour spray Ferrum
pair of dice Mind
parcel wrapped in brown paper container Ferrum
piece of blue fur Ferrum
piece of bluish bark forge cp Mind
piece of ginseng brew cp Ferrum
piece of inscribed dwarf skin dwhelm forge cp Falca
piece of inscribed orc skin Falsra
piece of tinder brew cp Ferrum
potion of mystical powers Falsra
powered crystal brew cp Falsra
raft Boat Mind
red and white staff mass recall except user Mind
red rose Ferrum
red-tipped spike eoy cp Ferrum
scalp of a dwarven sentry Falsra
second page Zam
set of prongs forge cp Falca
shark's tooth brew cp Ferrum
shifting mirror cp Ferrum
silver flute treasure Falca
silver worg pelt eoy cp Ferrum
skein of rawhide forge cp temp Ferrum
sling bullet Ferrum
sliver of diamond Falca
sliver of sapphire Falca
small golden chain forge cp Falca
small hammer Falsra
small patch of moss brew cp Ferrum
small sapling Ferrum
small strand of intestines cp Mind
small twig cp Ferrum
soccer ball Serega
solidified wisp of wraith's breath brew cp Falsra
some diamond dust brew cp Ferrum
some emerald dust brew cp Ferrum
some fish scales brew cp for +age potion Ferrum
some obsidian dust brew/forge cp Ferrum
some opal dust brew cp Ferrum
some pearl dust brew cp Ferrum
some ruby dust brew cp Ferrum
some sapphire dust brew cp Ferrum
some tears of a dogman brew cp Ferrum
some tears of a lost soul brew cp Ferrum
some topaz dust cp Falca
soul of Elena brew cp Ferrum
soul of the most evil brew cp Ferrum
speckled feather forge cp Mind
sphinx talisman Falsra
sprig of nightshade brew cp Ferrum
sprouting acorn Mind
strand of silk webbing Falsra
strange triangular shaped token reroll stats under 20 level Ferrum
straw broom Ferrum
strip of hide forge cp Mind
swatch of cloth lyme poison and forge cp Ferrum
tattered note (shifting shield) forge cp Ferrum
third page Zam
tiny chisel Falsra
token of binding Forge cp (for ring of blue ice and ring of white fire) Mind
torn page from a forgers manual Falsra
touch of sunlight brew cp Ferrum
treatise on heroism Ferrum
tuft of fur brew cp Ferrum
twin spiked collars Ferrum
uncut sapphire cp Falca
vial of sulphuric acid. Ferrum
well-glued envelope Zam
white spindle shaped ioun stone for meming mage spells of 1-30 levels Mind
wooden bartap Falsra