mob area: BH, Balrog's Temple
mob name: war avatar
mob look: A monstrous being clad in green metal armor carries a sword in each of its six arms.
mob desc: This is the mighty war avatar, a 12 foot tall being clad in green full plate armor
and wearing a great helm with eye slits looking out in all directions, allowing
the multi-eyed being to see all around it, to seek out foes and friends alike in
battle. Its six muscular arms each carry a razor-sharp broadsword, and it wears
a black harness around its body, some type of powerful magic judging by the
runes emblazoned on its dark straps.
The Avatar of War is in an excellent condition.
comments: mass proc, spell shield does not help.
items found: greaves of war

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added: by Falsra , 05.12.2001 17:40 MSK