mob area: Lyme, Chapel of the Lost Cross
mob name: A one-legged fire titan
mob look: A one legged titan stands here balanced upon his great hammer.
mob desc: Balanced upon his right foot, this one-legged titan bounces slowly up and
down. Huge arms hold an immense burning hammer, which is propped on the
ground. Towering over thirty feet tall, this monstrous man is clothed in
nothing but a bedsheet size loincloth and scarcely anything else. Red
hair covers his face and his head and a long scarf hangs on one side of his
massive chest. His left leg is a stump past his knee, which is wrapped in
a large cloth and slowly drips blood on the ground. His single boot is
almost the size of a small man. With one swift movement he picks up his
hammer and begins to twirl it above his head.
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added: by Gera , 07.12.2001 11:44 MSK