mob area: TH, Upper Thalassas
mob name: captain unai
mob look: Captain Unai of the Narval fidgets nervously at the foot of the throne.
mob desc: The formal half-armor and weathered skin contrast with Unai's youth, made
even more evident by his nervousness as he checks once more every tiny
detail of tonight's ceremony. His position as Altanne's consort has made
him a reluctant target for greedy diplomats and merchants, and the center
of attention in the absence of the princess herself. His light-brown hair
has been streaked with gold by his last assignment leading the Narval,
the Coast Guard of Thalassas. He has brown eyes set in a broad, naturally
beardless face and shoulders wide enough for a stevedore.
Captain Unai is in an excellent condition.
items found: blue steel shoulder guards

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added: by Helxen , 07.12.2001 13:07 MSK