mob area: TH, Valley of the Great Ones
mob name: Rlim Shaikorth
mob look: A fat, wormlike creature is crawling around here.
mob desc: This Great Old One looks like a fat white worm, but his bulk is beyond that
of a sea elephant. His half-coiled tail is as thick as the middle folds of
his body. His front rears upward from the dais in the form of a white,
round disk with some vague lineaments imprinted upon it. Amid the visage a
mouth curves uncleanly from side to side of the disk, opening and shutting
incessantly on a pale, tongueless and toothless maw. Two empty eyesockets
lie close together above the shallow nostrils. From moment to moment,
globules of a blood-colored matter in the form of eyeballs arise in the
sockets and give the illusion of eyes.
Rlim Shaikorth is in an excellent condition.
items found: belt of twisted thorns

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added: by Helxen , 07.12.2001 13:12 MSK