mob area: TH, Valley of the Great Ones
mob name: Shugoron
mob look: A strange looking, black creature wades its way through the currents.
mob desc: This avatar of N'yarlathotep is a demon or bogey-man, known by only a
few. It is a tiny creature all black, with a rough, catfish-like hide,
tiny wing-like fins, webbed feet and a long proboscis. Shugoran wears
a beautifully crafted diamond-embroidered belt and a pair of jet black
amulets around its neck. With each stroke, it thrusts its body through
the strong current with a determined zeal.
Shugoron is in an excellent condition.

comments: level 42, area proc, и вдобавок в деске опечатка :)
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added: by Helxen , 07.12.2001 13:22 MSK