mob area: SS, M.A.G.I.C.
mob name: drunk savant Sqrll gnome
mob look: Sqrll sways to and fro, furiously pounding a dagger with a hammer.
mob desc: He is one of the few priests of Vnrbltsstnnd the Svirneblin god of
festivals, wine and consonants. Sqrll has probably forgotten that 'wine'
not always means gnomish spirits, and has performed a lot of worshipping to
his god. With his eyes glazed, he sways to and fro on unsteady legs and
hiccups. A small silversteel hammer in his hand hits a dagger on an anvil
with a melodious clink. The dagger emanates holiness, although it somewhat
weakens in the very presence of Sqrll.
Drunk savant Sqrll is in an excellent condition.
items found: hexagonal shaped token
shape-shifting key

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added: by Falca , 07.12.2001 16:28 MSK