mob area: SS, M.A.G.I.C.
mob name: alchemist Aquazar bearded gnome
mob look: Alchemist Aquazar stands here, happily humming a tune.
mob desc: The tune he hums is very simple and monotonic, yet there is some certain
melodiousness to it:
'Arennennen-ah-rennennen, arennennen-uhrenndah
Arennennen-ah-rennennen, a-rennda-rennda-rahhh...'
Alchemist Aquazar is an old gnome, with a long white beard, eyes glistening
with mischief and completely bald. His smile is shy, but that's because
little if any teeth are left in his mouth. Aquazar stops his singing for
a brief moment to mix a vile-smelling potion, which he merrily waves in your
general direction.
Alchemist Aquazar is in an excellent condition.
items found: shape-shifting key
shield of the dream weaver

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added: by Falca , 07.12.2001 17:08 MSK