mob area: SS, M.A.G.I.C.
mob name: gnome miner
mob look: One of the gnome miners examines what is left of the mining machine.
mob desc: 'I really thought it was all safe,' mumbles the gnome, completely ignoring
you. 'I wonder if that humming sound didn't actually mean the machine was
working properly. After all, it got broken only as it said 'Zap,' 'Bizz' and
'Flowp,' so the humming sound could mean anything, I am very sure.'
Yet he sounds unlike he is 'very sure'. The gnome's face is all black,
blistered and scar-covered, and his once magnificent straight beard is now
a mass of tangled curly hair resembling the beard of a goat. He keeps
caressing the heart of the mining machine, a twisted and deformed pipe.
By the sad look of the gnome, the machine's death could only be caused
by the pipe's malfunction.
A baffled gnome miner is in an excellent condition.
comments: on death mass trans to the Spawn of the Dread (repop room only)
items found: shape-shifting key

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added: by Falca , 07.12.2001 19:06 MSK