mob area: SS, M.A.G.I.C.
mob name: elven wizard elf Bomanz
mob look: Wizard Bomanz is promenading around the room, trying to ignore the gnomes.
mob desc: His slim build, diminutive stature and pointy ears mark him as an elf. For
an elf this delicate and fragile, wizard Bomanz is sure powerful, even
if only a half of the legends about him are true. The rustling of the leaves,
bubbling of the brooks, whispering of the wind can almost be seen and heard
behind his eyes, all the small miracles of nature elves are so fond of.
Rumors say Bomanz was forced to flee from his homeland and dares not return
back home. Bomanz looks around, notices you and the subterranean,
industrial gnomish landscape, and shivers with claustrophobic suffering.
Had he not been scared that the knowledge of greatest magic would die with
him, he sure would have returned home regardless of the risk; wizard Bomanz
has the guts for that. An intricate pattern runs the length of his robe,
weaving the words: 'A man must put the magic first and the world second.
By doing anything else, he limits himself and his potential'.
Wizard Bomanz is in an excellent condition.
comments: slow wandering, area proc
items found: sapphire qwevri
ivebony rod

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added: by Falca , 07.12.2001 19:13 MSK