mob area: AH, Judge's Temple
mob name: lost messenger
mob look: The messenger wanders from door to door scratching his head.
mob desc: The scruffy young messenger wanders through the corridor looking lost. His
greasy mob of hair droops across his face as he examines a package he is
holding. He is dressed in denim dungarees and a tattered cotton shirt that
have stains from several meals smeared down it.
items found: glowing green spellbook
vine covered spellbook
chromatic spellbook
magnetic spellbook
crumbling spellbook
twirling spellbook
parcel wrapped in brown paper
locked spellbook
blessed spellbook
spinning spellbook
golden spellbook
black velvet-covered spellbook

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added: by Uziel , 07.12.2001 21:19 MSK