mob area: SS, Underdark
mob name: huge green dragon
mob look: An ancient green dragon is lying here, gnawing on the carcass of a griffon.
mob desc: This incredible dragon took up residence in the Svirneblin farming valley
only recently. The gnomes still aren't sure what happened to their farms
and occasionally send an expedition to find out, which promptly becomes a
light afternoon snack. The dragon is enormous, filling the cave with his
bulk. His great wings are folded along his scale covered body, and a long
sinewy tail with a nasty spike at the end twitches back and forth. He
examines you for just a second before categorizing you into one of three
classes; Lunch, Dinner, or Dessert.
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added: by Uziel , 08.12.2001 21:01 MSK