mob area: TH, Town of Thalassas
mob name: fishwive fishmonger fish
mob look: A tired-but-happy looking fisherman is heading towards the hill.
mob desc: The fishwife wears a short-sleeved white blouse and several short skirts.
She has tucked the edge of her outer skirt into her waistband, forming a
pouch where she keeps her money. Also, this protects the skirt when she
leans her basket against her hip. The basket that she carries is round,
about three feet wide and very shallow. The fishmonger's voice seems to
fill the streets whenever she hollers 'Whooooooo's... bu-yin'? Freeesh...
A fishmonger is in an excellent condition.
items found: royal blue spellbook

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added: by Helxen , 10.12.2001 08:00 MSK