mob area: Lyme, Chapel of the Lost Cross
mob name: ravener ghoul pestilence corpse
mob look: A hulking corpse shambles upon a pair of weakened legs.
mob desc: The soul of a human forever doomed to wander the earth in an undead
state. The eyes of this gaunt faced killer are blacked holes. Skin
slowly peels and rots off of the body, which is frail and decrepit.
Rags from long decayed clothing slowly rot upon the remains of the
body, which has begun to turn black with age. The musty smell of
decay and death hang in the air around the wandering cadaver. Long
bony fingers slowly circle through the air, as the dead must feed
on the living to ease their pain and hunger.
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added: by Tanat , 11.12.2001 09:10 MSK