mob area: Lyme, Grove of Darkness
mob name: a displacer beast (displacer beast puma cat)
mob look: A vicious blue-black cat with two long tentacles crouches and hisses angrily.
mob desc: Resembling a large puma, the displacer beast large claws and fangs,
whiskers and a long slender tail. Its fur is blue-black in color and two
wild yellow slanted eyes stare at you with demonic intent. Two long,
tentacle-like appendages arise from the beast's shoulders, each containing
several rows of wicked barbs on the tips. The large cat seems to fluctuate
within space and time, causing its exact location to be somewhat difficult
to determine.
A displacer beast is in an excellent condition.

a displacer beast is using:
worn around neck a skeleton key
items found:

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added: by Tanat , 11.12.2001 10:12 MSK