mob area: AH, The Tundra
mob name: elven guard
mob look: An elven guard stands before the trees, guarding the forest entra
mob desc: The elf's green eyes seem focused on you. He has long black hair tied up
behind his head. There is a longbow slung behind his back and a long blade
tucked inside a sheath at his side. He wears a suit of leather armor about
his body, padded with fur for warmth.
An elven guard is in an excellent condition.
comments: wimpy aggro, solid, 210k(2.5k gold), need web him for kill, or: force field away to the west. And to beat him without web while he would not will run. Then it will be possible to sleep in this room.
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added: by Mind , 12.12.2001 07:47 MSK