mob area: AH, The Unseen University
mob name: university student second female alchemist
mob look: *A second year alchemist is pounding something in a mortar.
mob desc: A second year alchemist wears a bright white lab coat emblazoned with the university arms and is pounding something in a mortar. She wears a pair of leather gauntlets over her hands and a tool belt around her waist. Her long blonde hair is tied back in a long ponytail and she is wearing nose
plugs and eye goggles.
A second year alchemist is in an excellent condition.

a second year alchemist is using:
held a glowing green spellbook..It emits a faint humming sound!
items found: glowing green spellbook
locked spellbook
alchemists lab coat
some alchemists gloves
alchemist tool belt

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added: by Bazilus , 12.12.2001 17:52 MSK