mob area: BH, Tomb of the Forever King
mob name: battle knight undead
mob look: A long dead knight roams the hall, longing for a release from service.
mob desc: Dead black, unblinking eyes stare about the room mournfully as the knight
wanders aimlessly about the keep. His skin is dead and gray under the jet
black armor he wears. A tattered blue and white cape hangs from his neck
and falls across his back. Strapped to his left arm is a small cirular
shield painted with the standard of his liege lord and his right hand rests
comfortably on the pommel of a broadsword strapped to his waist.
A battle knight is in an excellent condition.
comments: agro/solid/do not see invis
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added: by Mislik , 13.12.2001 09:57 MSK