mob area: Lyme, Chapel of the Lost Cross
mob name: the cardinal of the lost cross (red cardinal cross)
mob look: A robust man with a regal look about him walks around in long red robes.
mob desc: Adorned solely in long bright red robes with a rose red mitre atop his
head. Long black hair runs down the length of his back. His stature is
that of a king, regal yet holy at the same time. His brown eyes appear
almost like coal as he casts a questioning stare towards you. Shimmering
streaks of silver have been woven onto the lower portions of his robe,
which drags behind him as he walks. In one hand he holds an iron bound
book and his other hand wields an impressive looking sceptre.
The cardinal of the lost cross has some big nasty wounds and scratches.
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added: by Tanat , 13.12.2001 11:41 MSK