mob area: Lyme, Olympus
mob name: Artemis moon goddess hunt
mob look: An elegant goddess is stringing an impressive great bow.
mob desc: Artemis is the goddess of the moon and of the hunt, an avowed virgin
and the daughter of Zeus and Leto. Twin sister to Apollo, Artemis
is the guardian of cities, of young animals, and of women of all ages
who pray to her for an easy childbirth. Lore tells of her blocking
passage of the greek army to Troy by withholding the wind, because
Agamemnon boasted that he was a better shot with a bow than she was.
She is an amazingly beautiful woman, wearing light armor and a great
bow. There is a quiver of magical arrows slung over one shoulder.
Artemis has a few scratches.
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added: by Tanat , 13.12.2001 11:59 MSK