mob area: Lyme, Pagoda
mob name: Amaterasu sun woman avatar
mob look: A tall woman stands before you showering the room with rays of dancing light.
mob desc: The sun avatar is a beautiful japanese woman in her mid-thirties with
flowing black hair. Her pale skin appears perfectly smooth and without a
blemish. Amaterasu's face is in the shape of a narrow ellipsis with high
cheekbones and warm almond eyes slanting slightly upward. Amaterasu is
wearing her ceremonial pink kimono trimmed in red. A yellow-sheathed
samurai sword is tied to the red sash worn around her petite waist.
Amaterasu stands tall like a pillar of silently raging fire.
Amaterasu has a few scratches.
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added: by Tanat , 13.12.2001 12:26 MSK