mob area: TH, Deemones
mob name: deemonee four arm female
mob look: The deemonee blocking your way holds four wicked weapons in her arms.
mob desc: The female deemonee has a generally humanoid shape. The effect of her long
legs and naked breasts is somewhat spoiled by a bad temper, accompanied by
four wicked-looking swords at the end of four long arms. The deemonee's
head is shaved except for a bright red topknot decorated with beads. She
also wears a knee-long skirt and several bracelets. A multitude of scars
marr her dark-blue skin, some of them are very symmetrical and might be
some sort of ritual decoration.
A four-armed deemonee is in an excellent condition.
items found: armplates carved bone

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added: by Dan , 13.12.2001 13:41 MSK