mob area: AH, The Unseen University
mob name: box case luggage
mob look: A large case of luggage growls fiercely at you.
mob desc: The box has been constructed from magical wood and it is glaring at you
from a pair of rivets under the rim of the lid. The hinge at one end of
the box seems to snarl as you approach it and the lid on the box snaps
dangerously. There are several dozen small feet on the base of the box
that give it ambulatory movement.
A case of luggage is in an excellent condition.

comments: aggro, very fast and hit very hard
appeals when you open box of luggage at secret room and hit immediately even mob opening it

this box description:
A large box of luggage rests in the corner.
items found:

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added: by Ferrum , 13.12.2001 20:22 MSK