mob area: Lyme, Ch'ung Kuo
mob name: old man Shou lao
mob look: The old man of the southern star, Shou-lao, sits here on a small deer.
mob desc: The old man Shou-lao's frame looks thin and feeble. He is possibly
nearing the second century of his life, however he radiates a feeling
of longevity and well-being. His face is ghostly pale and he has a long
white beard hanging from his chin. Both of these features accentuate
his blackened eyes and the half-rings underneath them. Shou-lao wears a
gold tunic and a pair of faded blue pants covered in a wavy bluish-green
pattern. On his feet he has a pair of soft leather sandals and he holds
a coral sceptre in his right hand.
The old man Shou-lao is in an excellent condition.
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