mob area: Lyme, Ch'ung Kuo
mob name: Ho Po Count
mob look: Ho Po, the Count of the River, stands here studying an animal skeleton.
mob desc: A sturdy looking old man stands here wearing an exotic set of clothes. The
Count of the River, Ho Po wears a sleeveless shirt made of a strange scaly
black material on his body, which doesn't appear to reflect light. He peers
though a set of thin-rimmed spectacles with a quizical gaze, to get a better
look at you. The Count's arms, legs, and hands are powerfully formed and
look as if he has worked the earth all his life, except for their appearance
as extremely smooth and unstained. He is obviously an intelligent man who
has mastered how to do an abundance of hard tasks through ingenuity.
Ho Po is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Falsra , 17.12.2001 13:51 MSK