mob area: Lyme, Ch'ung Kuo
mob name: visitor man Shun Chun
mob look: A man with two sets of eyes stands here, waiting for the Emperor.
mob desc: An exceptional man with an exceptional abnormality, Shun was born with
double-eyes. His two sets of eyes are one above the other on his face.
All four of his eyes are a frozen black color and are incapable of
yielding sight. However blind Shun appears, he is far from being a man
without vision. Emperor Yao has chosen Shun over his own son to be his
successor on the throne of Ch'ung-Kuo. Shun wears a shiny bluish green
ring on his right hand to signify his future rule of patience and
Shun Chun is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Falsra , 17.12.2001 17:20 MSK