mob area: AH, The Far North
mob name: necromancer lim dul lim-dul
mob look: *The shadowy visage of Lim-Dul approaches out of the darkness.
mob desc: Seemingly ageless, Lim-Dul is the master of the black arts of the Kjeldoran
occult, worshipers of Tourach, the Unholy One. Flowing black robes conceal
the spectral vision of this apocryphal shepherd. Slender fingers protrude
from the robe's sleeves, constantly gesturing towards the heavens in archaic
motions. A shadow as dark as midnight conceals all of his face beneath the
hood except for two beady red eyes, burning ever more brightly as he stares
intensely into your soul.
Lim-Dul, the Necromancer is in an excellent condition.
comments: Need Spell Shield
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added: by Bazilus , 17.12.2001 17:33 MSK