mob area: Lyme, Ch'ung Kuo
mob name: weaponsmaster Kan Chiang master
mob look: The weaponsmaster, Kan Chiang is here pounding on a piece of metal.
mob desc: Renown throughout the land for his exceptional craftsmanship and speed
at which he can produce quality weapons, Kan Chiang has become the
Emperor's personal weaponsmaster. He is a thick man standing six feet
tall with a wide, powerful chest. His arms are covered with leather
sleeves and he wears a pair of thick leather gloves on his hands. The
weaponsmaster occasionally wipes the sweat from his forehead, looks
around for a potential customer, and then continues with his work.
The weaponsmaster is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Falsra , 17.12.2001 17:48 MSK