mob area: SS, Ravenloft
mob name: Ivan vampire
mob look: Ivan von Zelkham
mob desc: Count von Zelkham is dressed in a black suit with a white shirt, and a
flowing black cape. Tiny specks of red can be seen on the shirt. His
skin color is rather pale for a person, with the exception of his lips
which are stained a dark red. The count is very tall and noticably
muscular. Ivan's hands are very large and his fingers end in rather
long nails for a gentleman. The longer you look over him the more
you notice the fangs protruding from his mouth, almost as if they were
getting longer before your very eyes. Ivan regards you coolly with
steely black eyes that are somehow calm and soothing.
Ivan von Zelkham has quite a few wounds.
comments: min: 2man + High Priest.
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added: by Crush , 18.12.2001 17:05 MSK