mob area: BH, Temple of Luna
mob name: village idiot
mob look: An unkempt man picks his nose while looking around.
mob desc: His shirt is buttoned one too high on one side and hangs crookedly over his
trousers which hang so low his butt is showing. A length of rope over one
shoulder keeps them from falling completely down. Lice verily spring from
his greasy matted hair, which is generously sprinkled with flakes of dead
skin. As he digs deeper into his nasal passage with his finger, powerful
body odor almost explodes forth from his underarm, passersby give him a
width berth.
The village idiot is in an excellent condition.

You attempt to peek at the inventory:
You can't see anything.
comments: wandering,can flee
items found: beeswax candle

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added: by Ferrum , 18.12.2001 22:31 MSK