mob area: BH, Temple of Luna
mob name: channeler luna
mob look: A bearded man smiles gently as auras play about his form.
mob desc: Soft colorful auras play about his torso like ripples on a pond. Deep
lines within his face and wispy white hair testify his longevity. In
contrast to his worn features, a thick comfortable looking crimson robe covers
his lean frame. An amulet on a gold chain, suspended from his neck, bears the
symbol of Luna.
The channeler is in an excellent condition.

the channeler is using:
held a forest green spellbook

You attempt to peek at the inventory:
a forest green wreath
comments: dispellable
items found: forest green spellbook
forest green wreath

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added: by Ferrum , 18.12.2001 22:57 MSK