mob area: BH, Temple of Luna
mob name: tinker tinkerman man
mob look: A short, stocky man wearing a tinker's vest rests quietly.
mob desc: Sandy-brown hair of uneven length hangs halfway into his weary eyes. The
grime of many miles along highways and byways mark the lines in his weathered
visage, yet he greets a visitor with a smile, always looking for an
opportunity to work his trade. For his trade he is well equipped, as tools
and odd implements populate his many-pocketed leather vest.
A tinker is in an excellent condition.

a tinker is using:
used as light a hexagonal shaped token..It has a soft glowing aura!
held a small silver bell

You attempt to peek at the inventory:
You can't see anything.

comments: can flee
items found: small silver bell

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added: by Ferrum , 18.12.2001 22:58 MSK