mob area: BH, Temple of Luna
mob name: spectre emperor kazar undead
mob look: The cold spectre of Emperor Kazar beckons you with a clawed finger.
mob desc: Rakish claws decend from voluminous sleeves and the spectre meets your stare
with an appraising gaze. A single clawed digit wavers and beckons you
forward. The emperor whispers, 'a warning, intrepid one, a power beyond
death haunts these chambers of solitude. It draws us back from our rest
and enslaves us. Kill us. Kill us all. Then destroy that which would
steal your life as it draws mine to it.'
The spectre of Emperor Kazar is in an excellent condition.
items found: steel-plated tower shield

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added: by Dot , 20.12.2001 20:33 MSK