mob area: TH, The Tabaxi Wilds
mob name: tabaxi blademaster cat warrior
mob look: A tabaxi warrior scans the area with the eye of a seasoned combatant.
mob desc: A menacing humanoid resembling a cat stands at attention. His golden hide
seems to create a light of its own despite the black spots covering it. Cold,
piercing eyes constantly roam, searching for signs of any intruder. Black
claws reflexively spring and retract from its thick, golden hands. A curved,
silver blade is hooked to a belt of vine at its waist. The blademaster rests
on the balls of its feet as if always prepared to unleash the power of its
lethal blade.
A tabaxi blademaster is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Helxen , 21.12.2001 12:26 MSK