mob area: TH, The Tabaxi Wilds
mob name: tabaxi talon master cat
mob look: (Red Aura)A talon master, the most elite tabaxi warrior, stands guard over the village.
mob desc: Scars line the arms and chest of this massive creature. One scar crosses
from the left temple across the bridge of his nose and down his thick neck.
Two fangs can barely be seen protruding from the taut curled lips of this
natural killer. Bulging muscles belie its strength as it stands ready to
pounce. Every few seconds, each hand tenses simultaneously revealing honed,
razor edged claws.
The tabaxi talon master is in an excellent condition.
comments: aggro, не видит инвиз
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added: by Helxen , 21.12.2001 15:07 MSK